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Chalets du Huard
St Cyr Royal
Berthalot Lake Lodge

So Much to fish for!!

We are an award winning fishery with over 15 incredible species of sportfish.

Wapoos Sibi Fish & Game Club

Wapoos Sibi is a PARADISE for fishermen and fisherwomen: its entire territory accounts for 44 unspoiled lakes, trout pools and fast water fishing on more than 100 km2 in Northern Quebec’s beautiful Boreal Forest! This kind of fishing is exclusive in Canada as all our fish are all natural and there is no stocking. You can even drink our lake water because it’s so clean! Our quotas allow you to go back home with a fine selection of game fish. We are a 4-and-a-half-hour drive from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Our exclusive fishing and hunting territory of 60 sq/miles, 44 lakes and 8 lodges allow our visitors to choose from various packages guaranteed to make your stay adventurous. Not only is the fishing spectacular, but our accommodations and food are just as enjoyable! Offering French cuisine with great wines, Canadian wild game, Angus steaks and the fish of the day, you will come back for seconds.

Join us in the remote areas of this private paradise that is known for its outstanding trout, walleye, fly-fishing, bear hunting and moose hunting. Some parts of the exclusive territory at Wapoos Sibi are still unexplored, and we are waiting for you!


Quebec Fishing Lodges
Walleye Quebec Fishing Lodges

Lake Ogascanan Lodge

Come to Lake Ogascanan Lodge for the finest fishing in Quebec! Drive through 60 miles of Quebec’s rugged outback to get to our lodge- the only outfitter and land-owner located on this 15 mile lake.

We have an abundance of yellow and blue walleye swimming through our waters in all sorts of sizes! We also have Northern Pike that often attack walleye on hooks and stringers too! Trophy sized Lake Trout that grow up to 35lbs are regularly caught in our lake as well. We have a main camp and 5 more secluded outpost locations that are accessible by boat only. Our boats are in excellent shape with brand new motors. Our recently renovated cabins are here to provide our visitors with the best stay ever, quality service is the top priority at our family owned and operated business.

Join us now for a trip of a lifetime!


Air Melancon Outposts

Air Melancon Outposts is a Fly-In Outfitter located in Quebec, Canada! We have wilderness outpost camps for wildlife fishing and hunting in territories that only we have exclusive rights to! The Sauterelle Territory is renown for its amazing speckled trout population. Rent one of our four chalets on this territory to experience the amazing fishing!

Our outpost camps offer fantastic fishing on OVER 40 remote lakes. We also offer air taxi service to a destination of your choice! Bear and moose hunting is popular at Air Melancon Outposts; fly in to a different camp every time.

Quebec Fishing Lodges
Walleye Quebec Fishing Lodges

St. Cyr Royal

St-Cyr Royal Lodge is a unique all inclusive, 5-star rated fly-in lodge that is located in the renowned and picturesque Abitibi region of Québec, Canada. “Roughing it in luxury” is what we are really all about. Our premiere full service log lodge is situated in the middle of a vast wilderness area on its own 75,000 acres of Exclusive Rights Territory for fishing and hunting. There is a maximum capacity of 14 fishermen to guarantee comfort.

We also follow a strict catch and release policy to assure the first-class level of quality and the trophies serious fisherman can only dream of. On top of the spectacular fishing, our accommodation unit has exceptional facilities offering a full range of services and amenities to make sure your stay is the very best.

Chalets du Huard

Chalets du Huard is a boat-in and drive-in fishing and hunting lodge located in the remote region of Lake Kipawa. Upon your arrival at Chalets du Huard, you will be transported by boat 1 mile across Lake Kipawa to our main camp. Lake Kipawa is excellent for walleye (pickerel), Northern pike, smallmouth bass, and lake trout fishing. We offer various American and housekeeping plans to satisfy every one of our customers! We also offer packages for moose and black bear hunting throughout our massive forest and lake country. After just a few days of staying with us, we’re sure you won’t want to leave.

Our lodge is now under new management and we have many renovations planned to make your stay even better! Visit us at Chalets du Huard now!

Quebec Fishing Lodges
Walleye Quebec Fishing Lodges

Bertholot Lake Lodge

Berthelot Lake Lodge is Quebec’s fishing and hunting paradise! We offer a choice to stay at either our drive-in main lodge and camps, or our fly-in outposts! The main camp offers both European and American plan packages and has amazing accommodations. Berthelot’s Air Service can take you into one of our many different lakes that host an outpost camp.

Here you will find tremendous fishing opportunities for trophy walleyes and northern pike that Berthelot is famous for. We offer the level of quality fishing that sportsmen search for as we are the only outfitter on the many interconnecting lakes and rivers. Our beautiful land is surrounded with large rapids and weedy bays to guarantee amazing fishing in the Spring and Summer.

Choose from any of our 42 different camps to experience some the best Canadian fishing you’ll find anywhere.

Air Tamarac

Air Tamarac Outfitters invites you to enjoy your next fishing trip in Québec. Our guests fly in to the Gouin Reservoir or Lake Hébert or Charlotte for walleye and northern pike fishing that can’t be beat. For perfect fishing conditions that only the north can offer, come drop your line in our fish-filled lakes amongst the beauty of the forests.

Our bodies of water are accessible by seaplane only: that’s the only way to do it in Québec! With top-quality cabin accommodation and equipment, along with our wonderful walleye and pike fishing, you’ll be sure to have a trip that you’ll remember forever.

We’ve been doing this for over 45 years, creating superior fishing adventures for anglers from all over. With 18 camps between three territories, our energetic team will be sure to exceed expectations. We’re grateful for your patronage, we hope you have a wonderful stay and guarantee a successful adventure with Air Tamarac Outfitters!

Quebec Fishing Lodges


The hundreds of thousands of lakes and rivers in Québec are generally open for angling from spring to fall. The eastern part of the province has always been reputed for its wealth of Atlantic salmon. Central Québec is known for its abundant wildlife, in particular speckled trout, but also moose and some 30 species of ducks.